Top-3 maniacs who can be set free

Eduard Shemyakin

Eduard ShemyakinA Petersburger Eduard Shemyakin explained his atrocities plainly: “eyes in water” used to whisper him about the necessity to kill. The investigators managed to prove the maniac’s implication in the murder of ten people. The killer’s youngest victim was only eleven years old: the girl stayed behind the crowd and fell into his hands. Before killing, he would rape all the girls caught by him. The investigators found out that Edik’s (hypocoristic of Eduard) problems with his state of mind had started in the army where he would get humiliated and abused. In civilian life he decided to take revenge. He would stab girls with a knife or an awl a dozen of times. However, he spared the two victims’ life and asked them to inform the police about his distinguishing features. Deep in his mind, he might have wanted to get captured. The maniac dismembered one of his victims, his sister’s friend, fried part of the flesh and ate it up, then he put the rest into an ice-box. His mother accidentally found the remains of the killed girl in the ice-box and turned the murderer to the police. And at that time all his crimes were revealed. Shemyakin wasn’t put into a high-security prison as he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and put into a psychiatric hospital for forced medical treatment. The victims’ relatives tried to appeal against that court decision as they were sure that the killer had successfully gotten away with the murders. However, until now the maniac who deprived ten people of life has been staying in a medical institution.

Alexander Spesivtsev

Alexander SpesivtsevAlexander Spesivtsev was born prematurely. While growing up, he couldn’t keep up with his peers. His mother Lyudmila loved her son with all her heart and soul. He was the only loved person. When she was fired for stealing at school where she was working as an administrative manager, the woman managed to get a job at a court as an associate attorney. Lyudmila would bring photos of corpses home from work. Her son and she would look through the pictures long. Later Lyudmila gave birth to a daughter. In opinion of the investigators who dealt with the case, all three of them, the mother, her son and daughter, were isolated from the world and shared some personality traits: they would all steal and keep aloof from people, but they would try to keep their apartment clean.

When Alexander got acquainted with Evgenia, a 17-year-old girl, they would see each other and go out, but later the fiancé began laying hands on her. The girl made up her mind to break off with Spesivtsev, but he didn’t forgive such treatment. In order to take revenge, he had locked her in his apartment for a month and all that time he had been torturing an ex-flame of his. The girl died of sepsis, all her body was mutilated. And her torturer was put into a psychiatric hospital for forced medical treatment; however, three years later he was discharged with sustained remission.

The doctors’ fault cost life of at the least four girls, exactly that number of victims was proved by the investigators, although the supposed number of the killed girls was 82. The maniac would invite girls into his apartment, on occasion several times, and would beat, rape as well as dismember them there. At least one case of Spesivtsev’s cannibalism was proved. In the opinion of the investigators, his mother and sister used to be witnesses of his most brutal crimes. The former would even bring some victims for her son. According to the unofficial information, the maniac would force his “fresher” victims to eat up the bodies of previous ones.

Spesivtsev was caught by chance. There were some plumbers inspecting the house according to the schedule, and he didn’t let them in, then they came back with a district police officer and broke into his apartment. They got appalled by what they saw. There were human remains (faces, heads and bones) everywhere: in the rooms, in the bathtub and the ice-box. They gave doctors the last half-dead 15-year-old girl tortured by the maniac, but she died in hospital. They also found the clothes of dozens of girls and young women in the maniac’s apartment. He was found insane and so far has been under medical treatment in one of hospitals in the Volgograd Region.

Lyudmila Yakovlevna didn’t confess guilt. The court found her guilty of the implication in three murders and sentenced her to 13 years imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony. She has already been released. Whereas her sister was connected to the case only as a witness.

In 2013 Spesivtsev’s mother and sister were even going to come back to their old apartment in the town of Novokuznetsk where the maniac had committed his crimes. It triggered the neighbors’ protests. They even wrote a request to the governor to relieve them from such neighbors. As a result, Lyudmila Spesivtseva and her daughter changed their mind to come back.

Maria Petrova

Maria PetrovaSince her childhood Maria Petrova has looked like a broad-shouldered and mighty-chested boy of tall height and outstanding strength – the girl was fit for a gym. Although such a strong girl could hit back, Petrova went through sexual violence. At some point Maria’s mind gave a fillip, and she decided to take vengeance on all men at random. At that time Petrova was already working as a physical education teacher in one of Moscow technical colleges, in other words, she used to be in the public eye. Judging by her character reference, she kept on playing sports – practicing swimming. She also set up kettlebell lifting classes in the educational institution. The girl was reserved, but they were pleased with her at work. The maniac’s first victim was a young fellow; the second one was an elderly man who was trying to pay court to her. The following man was stabbed by her in public as Petrova seemed not to be afraid of being captured at all. In general, she used to walk grasping a knife in her bosom around the area of Zuzino. On the whole, the girl’s victims were tipsy men strolling alone. The investigators didn’t find any logic in her deeds. Petrova was found insane and also put into a medical institution for treatment.

This is the only woman from the list which can be continued with a large number of names of cannibals, rapists, murderers and sadists who have been under forced medical treatment so far.

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