The maniac woman from Zuzino (area in Moscow)

Maria Petrova“The maniac woman from Zuzino” was the name hung on her by Moscow newspapers. She committed 2 murders and had attempted to commit a murder 4 times. It mainly used to happen in Zuzino area in Moscow.

Maria Petrova was born in 1978. She worked as a physical education teacher at one of Moscow technical colleges.

Once she happened to be a rape victim. It’s common when many maniacs had gone through sexual violence before they started committing murders. It’s one of formative factors. Her rapist was a young fellow. Maria also used to be sexually harassed by an elderly coworker of hers in the technical college. Later the victims killed by her were exactly a young fellow and an elderly man.

According to her relatives’ evidence, Maria used to be reserved and unsociable. She was registered in a psycho-neurologic dispensary, had masculine (male) features: above average stature, broad shoulders, muscular physique and a gruff voice.

One evening at the beginning of March 2002 Maria Petrova killed a 20-year-old Sergey Makariev by stabbing his neck and abdomen twice. It happened at a public transport stop close to the Shalom movie theater near the Varshavskaya (Warsaw) metro station. Although there were some eyewitnesses on the street, she didn’t run away at once but was holding a bloodstained knife in her hands and kept watching the victim’s death throes. She made sure that “all done and dusted”, and new stabs were unnecessary. An ambulance crew arrived and took the body that had already been dead.

March 27 – there was a 60-year-old retired man Nikolai Zhabin, the second killed victim. Petrova sneaked up behind him and slit his throat with a knife. It happened on Sevashskaya street.

Afterwards Maria Petrova also used to act in that way. She would go for a stroll carrying a knife along a certain route in Southwest district of the capital at the peak hours from 4 pm to 9 pm until she would notice a suitable victim. But the victims of her further assaults survived. Most of them were tipsy elderly men.

As we can see, the maniac woman from Zuzino was, let’s say, a manlike serial killer. Female serial killers usually murder people with whom they have some relations. The victims can be their clients (for instance, as in the case of Aileen Wuornos), acquaintances, relatives and sometimes even their own children! And they do it in different ways and in other circumstances, whereas Maria Petrova with a knife in her hands used to be like many “classical” male maniacs on a street manhunt on strange people.

Soon the police managed to be on the track of the maniac woman from Zuzino as there were a lot of testimonies from witnesses (including those given by the survived victims) preserved. She acted in one district and had a public occupation of a teacher at the technical college. Maria Petrova was detained in her apartment on the night of April 23, 2002. Her parents were also called in for questioning.

Maria was decent and replied to the investigators’ questions calmly. She willingly told about everything in details at the scenes of crimes during re-enactments. As a result, in the summer she was convicted of Rule 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (murder). However, the psychiatric assessment, which had been conducting in Moscow Serbsky Institute for more than one month, found the maniac woman insane (the experts mainly drew such a conclusion from the analysis of her crimes but not her personality). So Maria Petrova escaped from imprisonment and in the fall of 2002 was put into a special custodial hospital for forced medical treatment.

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