Petition for clemency from Andrei Chikatilo

Petition for clemency from Andrei Chikatilo

Petition for Pardon from Andrei Chikatilo

To President of the Russian Federation Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin
From Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, the citizen of Russia and Ukraine sentenced by the Rostov Regional Court to the extreme penalty – to death on October 15, 1992.

Petition for Pardon

I ask You to pardon me personally to spare my life. I have worked for the benefit of our Motherland for 40 years, have been in the CPSU as well as involved in Communist construction projects for 30 years. Throughout my life I have been working hard being faced with hardships. I want to live in new revived Free Russia adopted the new Constitution mandated all human liberties and rights when Russia is again among the civilized nations after the Communist tyranny. All our life long since the early childhood my wife Feodosia Semyonovna and I have been working hard hoping for a glorious future. We have been looking forward to the World Victory of Communism. We haven’t made a fortune, but we were only humiliated and persecuted. Any initiative in work was suppressed, and we were given a slap on the wrist for the equality of peoples in poverty. I don’t want to part from this life leaving my wife ill and helpless. She has been my friend during hard years and will not be able to get it over. For three years they have been trying to impress on me and the world public opinion that Chikatilo is a felony, rapist, murderer and cannibal. Without any facts and evidence. In the pursuit of sensation nobody notices unsubstantiated and false statements.

They are keeping me, a sick man, in a death row cell on a framed-up case, without charge or trial. I have psychopathy of schizoid-mosaic circle with sexual perversions, headaches caused by cranio-cerebral pressure, insomnia, nightmares and cardiac arrhythmia. My clinical record is for life and without time limit in the Shakhtinsk psychiatric hospital. At first, to intimidate me, they put me in prison off the books for three days, called up the institutes my children went to and said to them, “Your father has been caught stealing and is in prison.” In my presence somebody called from the police to make me turn in a resignation voluntary in order not to disturb vultures. Yes, in such cases I used to change my job and to be transferred to another organization although now the judge doesn’t like it. The General Director called me a FASCIST publicly. Imagine calling me, the communist № 1. All party conferences were held uniformly, with one report, “General Secretary Chernenko is successfully leading us to Communism, and Chikatilo, a rebel, is in opposition”. I wrote to all party bodies from the bottom upwards, “Chernenko was and now is the editor of the “Propagandist’s notebook”. I am General Secretary Chikatilo, an ex-editor of an activities list, graduated 5 departments of five Marxism-Leninism universities. I have 8 diplomas, but not a single profession. What did I dedicate my life to? Is it really possible after such a huge portion of toxic Marxism to be sane and to feel confident in life? I am the only one who absolutely believed in a fast victory of Communism all over the world.

I was a Communism fanatic, and the others only agitated, listened and pretended. And now my tragedy has coincided with the Communism crisis. I am a victim and an instrument of this Monster. I ask You to rehabilitate my grandfather and father and to overturn that ridiculous sentence dated back to 1984 when they were sentenced to 3 months in prison for what my General Director Palagin had stolen. My life is connected with my country’s life. We are peaceful people. We didn’t expect Napoleon’s and Hitler’s aggression, but our response to it was partisan warfare. For decades since my birth I have been persecuted and chased like a mad wolf. I was thrown out of work and evicted, used to live on railway stations, commuter trains and in the woods. I warned everybody, “Save me, help me!’ But the Assyrian Mafia buggered and forced me to take on partisan techniques of protection against everybody who came to the partisan forest and chased me. I used to send all mafia agents as identification prisoners to the partisan squad’s commander. I defended my honor and hut on the barricades to the last. I ask You to let me be transferred to Moscow where I will be able to tell the truth about this funny and sensational case and to write reminiscences about my tragic life. I will also meet specialists: lawyers, sexual health doctors and psychiatrists.

I ask You to grant me the gift of life.

July 18, 1993, A. R. Chikatilo

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