Five categories of maniacs

In crimes, which makes a maniac-killer, a huge role played by element of fantasy. Often, fantasies appear in childhood or youth. In imagination, a maniac tries to kill his victims for the first time. Their dreams are centered around violence, domination, murder.

Serial killers almost always kill strangers. Also, often, maniacs hunt for young white women and children. Often, become a victims, prostitutes and people who “vote” on the roads, because their absence for a long time does not cause suspicion. Homosexual serial killers often hunt boys and adolescents. Serial killers-women, on the contrary, more often kill close people, for example, husbands.

Traditionally, in the US, serial killers are classified as “organized” (who carefully prepare crimes) and “impulsive” (act under external circumstances). The first type of maniacs – usually people with high intelligence, apparently not distinguishable from ordinary people, the second – more primitive people with obvious weirdness.

There are also different reasons why maniacs are killed. In the US, the following is the most popular gradation, dividing the five main motivations of serial killers. The first category is voices from above, ordering them to go to kill (sometimes these voices appear as a result of the use of hallucinogens).

Herbert Mullin
Herbert Mullin

For example, Herbert Mullin killed 13 people, as the inner voice informed him that it was necessary to prevent an earthquake in California. Contrary to popular belief, such maniacs are relatively few – the fact is that caught criminals often try to avoid maximum punishment, trying to impersonate the mentally ill. That’s why they talk about “voices in my head”.

The second category of maniacs is “missionaries”. These criminals seek to improve the world and for this they kill “inferior” people, in their opinion, prostitutes, homosexuals, representatives of a certain nationality, etc. Prostitute Aileen Wuornos fought prostitution, killing customers of “priestesses of love.” In the actions of such serial killers there is no sexual motive.

The third category of maniacs – these criminals are often called “hedonists” – enjoy the very process of murder. This type of maniac is most popular among the authors of thrillers. Jeffrey Dahmer killed his victims quickly, but after that, engaged with their bodies with sex and cooked various dishes of human meat.

The fourth group of maniacs can be considered relatively rare. These criminals are primarily interested in obtaining material benefits, but the achievement of such benefits for them involves serial killings. In this case, maniacs are very difficult to separate from “ordinary” killers. Probably the most famous in this regard is the Frenchman Marcel Peto, who worked in France during the Second World War. He found rich Jewish families, he represented them as a member of the Resistance and suggested that they be sent to a safe place in order to save them from fascists. People who trusted him, Peto brutally killed, taking away money and valuables (he had 63 victims on his account).

The fifth group commits murders to demonstrate the power and power to the victim. Victims of such maniacs are most often children. Proponents of power often rape and otherwise sexually harass their victims, but the nature of these actions is different from the fun of “hedonists” – in this case, sex is only a way to humiliate a person as much as possible.

Most experts agree that by starting to kill, the serial killer can not stop.

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