Andrei Chikatilo: 10 interesting facts

10 facts about the Rostov Ripper


1. For the first murder committed by the maniac (the victim was an 11-year-old girl) was Alexander Kravchenko wrongly shot dead. According to one of the stories, the confession was beaten from him.


2. During the trial Andrei Chikatilo pretended hard to be crazy – shouted, took off his clothes and insisted that he was pregnant. Nevertheless, he was ruled sane by the expert examination.


3. After the execution of the notorious killer his relatives changed their last name to evade the reprisal of the victims’ relatives against them.


4. After the murderer’s death many research institutes desired to get ahold of Chikatilo’s brain for further researches. There is a story about Japanese scientists who offered 20 million dollars for the part of his brain.


5. Where was Chikatilo buried? So far only a limited number of people have known where there are the remains of the bloodiest killer as only close relatives and officials attended the execution and burial.


6. Chikatilo found most of his victims on railway stations or in carriages.


 murder weapon
Murder weapon

Chikatilo’s son7. Nevertheless, Chikatilo’s son went crook: Yuri Odachev-Chikatilo killed his pal and went to prison for that. Yuri had never felt embarrassed at such a bloody relationship.

8. Although about 20 years had passed since Chikatilo’s execution, the memory still lingers on him including the Internet: new communities keep appearing on social networking websites, musicians compose songs about the maniac.

9. In 1946 little Chikatilo used to live in the countryside, in the starving time he would keep at home as he was scared of being eaten by other residents.

10. The maniac said he had often eaten the organs and body parts of the victims killed by him.

4 thoughts on “Andrei Chikatilo: 10 interesting facts

  1. Interesting, what kind of information the researchers hoped to gain from Chikatilo’s brain? After all, during the investigation, it was proved that the maniac didn’t suffer from mental disorders and, therefore, was a perfectly normal and healthy person, when he committed murder.
    There is a theory about the “crime gene”, allegedly because of his presence one becomes a criminal and starts killing. Was there something like that in Chikatilo’s body?

  2. This is actually quite strange for me to hear that scientist proved that he was absolutely sane, when he was committing all these crimes. Moreover, he has not only killed so many people, but also claimed that he has eaten some parts of their body. I am sure there must be something either in his brain, that made him behave that way or, as Anna said, it could be a that “crime gene” that his son also had, as he killed as well.

  3. How it is possible to call such prudent and clever sadist as Chikatil mentally abnormal? Not one loony couldn’t disappear from justice more than 10 years. This person considered himself especially gifted, nekotoryeucheny even expressed opinion that he suffered from a nartsysizm. therefore he made the an ubiyytv with such cruelty, expressing thereby the contempt for the world around and people. It is possible to call such person the sick artist, but not the psychopath.

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