Anatoly Onoprienko: 10 interesting facts

Anatoly Onoprienko: 10 interesting facts1. In his childhood Onoprienko was sent to an orphan asylum although his father and brother were alive. Because of that his peers would make fun of him, Anatoly felt grossly insulted on that matter as well. Several times the maniac had escaped from the orphan asylum, but he used to be always brought back.

2. When Onoprienko escaped from the orphan asylum, he would run away to a forest where he would make a fire. The maniac remembered him looking at the burning flame, he liked it very much. 

3. After the army service the maniac was accepted by a nautical college, took up playing sports and attending karate sessions. His life was then trouble-free, he was popular with the opposite sex, visited a lot of places when he was a sailor.

4. Short before the first murder Onoprienko suffered through a betrayal. He was going out with a girlfriend and once saw her with his best friend. Occasionally, the couple secretly had sex. During a fight the friend beat up and robbed Onoprienko. For a long time the young fellow had been going through that event.


5. During the judicial investigation Onoprienko required to change his defense attorney for a young lawyer of the Jewish nationality and with international practice. However, he didn’t have any money for such a lawyer so his request was turned down.

6. The trial was quite tense, many witnesses refused to come to the courtroom as they feared that the maniac would escape and kill them. The victims’ relatives required to execute Onoprienko straight in the courtroom.

7. In 1999 the judge pronounced the sentence on the maniac, what is more, he had been reading it for the entire twelve hours (from time to time they took recesses). However, by that time the maniac’s case had lost its publicity so there were a few people affected and journalists in the courtroom.

8. During the sentencing there were applauds in the courtroom. Meanwhile Onoprienko was showing his middle finger to the judge, and after he had listened to the verdict to the end, he drafted a cross on his forehead.

9. During the imprisonment Onoprienko behaved quietly enough and was even in correspondence with a journalist who would send money to him. They had peculiar love affair, the girl asked him to give an interview, but didn’t get any positive reply.

10. Onoprienko died of heart failure. Throughout the imprisonment (over 10 years) none of his relatives and friends had ever come to see him. The maniac said that he had been hoping to get liberty and go on with killing spree again.

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